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Ashley edwards

en Vogue's International Director of Education and Owner and Educator of AE Academy of Nails. Ashley has been in the nail industry for over 20 years and with en Vogue for over 15. As a die-hard en Vogue enthusiast, she loves teaching others the art of sculpting the nails of their dreams.

Areas of Specialty
Sculpting on Nail Biters
Brand New Technicians

Instagram: @ae_academyofnails
Facebook: AE Academy of Nails
Website: www.ae-academyofnails.ca
Located in Tillsonburg, ON, Canada

casey-leigh boucher

Casey-Leigh’s passion for the nail industry began with Cosmetology classes in high school. After becoming a certified nail technician through en Vogue, her growing passion, drive, and determination led her to not only open her own nail studio, but become an educator and share her passion and industry knowledge with others as well.

Areas of Speciality
Freehand Nail Art
Brand New Technicians

Instagram: @ae_academyofnails
Facebook: AE Academy of Nails
Website: www.ae-academyofnails.ca
Located in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Mary Ellon Ballance

Mary Ellon has 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and has worked as a nail technician, salon owner, educator, and distributor. Currently, she is the owner/operator of Creative Ballance Nail Supply & Education and shares her passion and knowledge with other technicians both online and all over the US at industry events and trade shows.

Areas of Specialty
Teaching Multiple Ways to Reach the Same End Result
Simple Salon Nail Art

Instagram: @creative.ballance.inc
Facebook: Creative Ballance Inc
Website: www.creativeballance.com
Located in Hatteras, NC, USA

Julia Dominguez

Julia has been in the nail industry for over 15 years and is now at the helm of en Vogue Nails Spain & Portugal. She also leads a team of digital trainers as part of en Vogue Spain’s new online academy, the en Vogue Academy. While staying ahead of new techniques and education herself, Julia has taught hundreds of students the technical and professional skills required to succeed and excel in their own careers.

Areas of Specialty
Modern Structure Without Filing
Russian Manicures
Brand New Technicians

Instagram: @envoguenails_es
Facebook: en Vogue Nails Spain
Website: www.envogueacademy.com/
Located in Granada, Spain

Tamara Cvelbar

Tamara began her career in the beauty industry over 20 years ago as a Beautician and Dermaesthetics Professional, leading her into a career in the nail industry. She is now a certified Nail Master with more than 14 years of experience in nail design and education under some of the industry’s greatest masters. Tamara runs distribution for en Vogue Nails Slovenia and Croatia, along with her two beauty salons specializing in nail design, and is the Founder and Educator of Vogue Nails Academy in Slovenia.

Areas of Specialty
Sculpting (European, modern, and extreme shapes)
Russian Manicures
Mixed-Media Nail Art
Airbrush Techniques

Instagram: @voguenails_academy_studio
Facebook: Vogue Nails Academy / Studio
Website: www.voguenailsacademy.si
Located in Trebnje, Slovenia

Pascale Ruiz

Pascale has been in the nail industry for over a decade and runs her own nail salon in addition to being the Brand Manager for en Vogue Nails France. Having trained under many highly skilled European technicians and with a professional background in management and purchasing, Pascale is passionate about sharing not only her technical skills and knowledge with others, but her business experience as well.

Areas of Specialty
Natural Nail Manicures
Sculpted Baby Boomers
Sculpting on Nail Biters
Hygience & Sanitation
Nail Salon Ownership

Instagram: @envogue.nails.france
Facebook: en Vogue Nails France
Located in France & Belgium

Valérie Ducharme

Valérie Ducharme is an award-winning nail artist and entrepreneur, with her work seen at New York Fashion Week two years in a row. While running her own nail academy, she also launched her own product line in 2017, with an overarching mission to push beauty industry standards to new heights. On top of all that, she is no stranger to the competition scene, having judged many national and international competitions as well as being the winner of NAILS Magazine’s NTNA Season 5.

Areas of Specialty
Advanced Sculpting and Structure
Nail Art

Instagram: @vdnailart
Facebook: Valerie Ducharme Nails Artist
Website: www.valerieducharme.com
Located in Laval, QC, Canada

Brooklyn Rushworth

Brooklyn’s drive comes from growing up in the industry. She knew she would never settle for a typical 9 to 5 and has channeled that passion into pouring her knowledge and experiences into new nail technicians. She owns a bustling nail studio and academy, Avant Garde Academy, and is focused on educating her students on not only the technical skill but all areas that contribute to a successful career in nails.

Areas of Specialty
Brand New Technicians Entrepreneurship
Salon Efficiency

Instagram: @academyavantgarde
Facebook: Avant Garde Academy
Website: www.avantgardeacademy.ca
Located in Surrey, BC, Canada