Online Education

Online Education

Why Training with en Vogue Nails?

En Vogue has a team of certified educators to offer you the ultimate one-on-one training.


EXPLORE your PASSIONS, push your boundaries,  CHALLENGE your comfort zones and know that en Vogue will provide you with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!


We are here to personalize your style with this amazing team of professionals from the industry, if you want a career in Nails we have our professional team ready to teach you this from the start.
Already a professional and want to advance your skills? Our en Vogue team is ready to expand your knowledge and growth.


We aimed to be the best in creating and perfecting  AMAZING GEL NAILS!
Let’s do this together, share,  grow and learn from each other, we are excited to get to know you.

Trainings Available

1. CBS Builder in a bottle

Master your techniques, increase your clients and decrease your time.

2. Simply Products

How to K.I.S.S. Keep it Simply Simple, learn the self-levelling gel techniques and building techniques with this product, learn how to save time and keep flexible long-lasting nails, time is money!

3. Lac It!

Application techniques on Natural Nails, Fibre Gel Protective Coating overlays, Salon Nail Art.

4. Sculptured Perfection

The perfect challenge, How to sculpt with a Building gel with Forms and Tips, perfect your techniques and customize your nails.

Customize Your Training

Customize your One on One training with the trainer of your choice!


  • Latest Art trends and techniques
  • Troubleshooting
  • Learn a specific application technique
  • Shapes and Filing


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Training starts at 80.00 per hour for one on one training. For full courses please check with the educator on their links.

Our Educators


As International Lead Educator, Deanna Stelmaschuk brings her well-rounded experiences of the nail industry to guide and progress the en Vogue education platform. A fashion graduate, enthusiast turned nail artist and competitor, her “passion for fashion” brings taste and creativity to her elaborate nail art designs and course catalogue.

Deanna’s amazing work has made her a regularly published nail artist in top beauty industry magazines, she has been featured on the covers of Nails Magazine and Viet Salon. Deanna has competed in Nails Next Top Artist and placed in the Top 4 during Nails Next Top Nail Artist All-Stars, she is also a Nailympia gold medalist, and has won NailPro Glossies.

Away from the classroom, you’ll find this delightfully kookie creative and lover of all things miniature,

taking walks with her handsome pup, dreaming of unexplored beaches, hiking, exploring, and being inspired by the beauty of nature. “Never stop learning”


Deanna is Offering all courses and specializing in custom courses.

See DEANNA’s gallery @deannastelmaschuk


Ashley Edwards lifelong passion for nails led her to en Vogue 15 years ago. As a die-hard en Vogue enthusiast, she loves teaching others the art of sculpting the nails of their dreams.

Thru Ashley’s dedication, she has created a career of owning a salon/spa, sales and marketing, education, and is currently opening her own training facility. Whether she’s teaching at her academy or streaming worldwide, you can be assured she will be wearing her signature look of long nails and heels.

Away from the classroom, you can most likely find her with her crazy curly hair, speeding along in her Mustang, enjoying the outdoors, the family farm, flying her airplane thru the sky or with her favourite people; her husband and 3 children.


Ashley is Offering all courses and specializing in custom courses.

Ashley’s specialty is training newcomers to become successful nail technicians, Ashley feels quality education is the key that is required to become an amazing nail technician. OFFERING COMPLETE COURSES FOR NAIL TECHNICIAN TRAINING for more information go to

See Ashley’s gallery @ae_academyofnails


Denyel Brechbill, the Lead Educator for the United States and Entrepreneurial Gypsy, came into the industry later in her journey. With a diverse background in graphic design, editorial fashion, nail production for film and live performances, and the arts, Denyel takes her love for making and creating into the class setting.

Her greatest hope is to continually be a source of encouragement and inspiration while igniting a passion in technicians to push their education, career, personal growth and boundaries to the next level.

Her teachings are focused on strengthening skills, critical troubleshooting, advanced techniques, and emerging trends.

Away from the classroom, find her between adventures lovingly coaxing her husband of 25 years into another project, running business proposals over morning coffee, tucked away in a forest in her vintage RV, taking photos of her stupidly photogenic dogs and enjoying the ride of life with her adult children. “Practice what you Preach”


Denyel Offering all courses and specializing in custom courses.

See Denyel’s gallery @dbprofessionalmanicurist


Haydynn Barteaux’s passion for nails and education began at the age of 14. Growing up watching her mother’s passion for educating with en Vogue, helped drive a fulfilling and successful career.

Attending her first trade show as an en Vogue representative in 2004, she continues to travel the globe educating and sharing her vast trove of nail knowledge. As a full-time educator for NV Academy, sharing what she’s learned, experiences she’s had, all while uplifting others to pursue their own dream, has been her dream come true. While she loves teaching all levels of education, Haydynn especially loves being part of the beginning of a nail technician’s career.

Away from the classroom, you can just as easily find Haydynn enjoying the outdoors, from gardening to horseback riding, snuggling a beloved pet, enjoying a glass of red wine, watching anime, or just listening to her favourite metal bands. “Education is my jam!”


Haydynn’s specialty is training newcomers to become successful nail technicians Haydynn feels quality education is the key that is required to become an amazing nail technician OFFERING COMPLETE COURSES FOR NAIL TECHNICIAN TRAINING for more information go to

See Haydynn’s gallery @nvacademy_envoguenails


Brooklyn Rushworth’s drive comes from growing up in the industry. Watching her mother blaze her own path fuels Brooklyn’s desire to be her own boss, never settling for a typical 9 to 5. She owns a bustling nail studio, while also growing her online training platform.

Mentoring others, allows her to use the skills, tools, and wisdom she’s gleaned to help technicians find enormous success in the industry. It’s more than fundamentals and skill set, it’s also about achieving the life you want to lead in this ever-evolving industry.

Away from clients and the classroom, Brooklyn enjoys cooking, yoga, and really getting to know people, but more than anything she loves to travel. If this way of the world was different at this time you would likely find her enjoying a European adventure and embracing newfound company with a glass of Prosecco. “Gratitude makes you fall in love with the life you already have“


Brooklyn’s specialty is training newcomers to become successful nail technicians. Brooklyn feels quality education is the key that is required to become an amazing nail technician OFFERING COMPLETE COURSES FOR NAIL TECHNICIAN TRAINING.

Brooklyn is Offering one on one Courses 1-4 and customize courses.

See Brooklyn’s gallery @brklnnails


Mary Ellon has over 22 years of experience in the nail industry and lives on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She has owned and operated a salon for 18 years, and is currently a Master Educator of the en Vogue products and the owner of Creative Ballance Nail Supply & Education.

Her love for doing nails coupled with her passion to share her knowledge with others has lead her travel professionally working tradeshows, events and teaching classes. Mary Ellon specializes in gel application techniques.

She strives to grow her business and builds on the idea that “No matter how long you have been doing nails, if you think you know everything in this business, you’re done. Never walk away from an opportunity to learn!”

When Mary Ellon isn’t doing nails, teaching, or building her distribution company, she serves as a member of the Dare County Board of Education, helps her husband of 22 years with his commercial fishing business, and takes advantage of the joys of living near the beach. She and her husband have a son, two dogs, two cats, and a moluccan cockatoo.


Specializing in hands-on trainings with Mary Ellon go to

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