Online Education

Online Education

Why Train with en Vogue Nails?

en Vogue has a team of world-renowned educators to offer you the ultimate virtual one-on-one training.


EXPLORE your PASSIONS, push your boundaries,  CHALLENGE your comfort zones and know that en Vogue will provide you with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!


We have an amazing team of industry professionals ready to help you expand your skills and grow your career. Looking to start your nail career? We have educators ready to teach you from the start. Already a professional looking to advance your skills? Our en Vogue educators are ready to take your skills to new heights!


Our goal is to help you create and perfect amazing gel nails.

We’re excited to get started with you!

The en Vogue Core 4

1. CBS Builder in a bottle

Master your techniques, increase your clients and decrease your time.

2. Simply Products

How to K.I.S.S. Keep it Simply Simple, learn the self-levelling gel techniques and building techniques with this product, learn how to save time and keep flexible long-lasting nails, time is money!

3. Lac It!

Application techniques on Natural Nails, Fibre Gel Protective Coating overlays, Salon Nail Art.

4. Sculptured Perfection

The perfect challenge, How to sculpt with a Building gel with Forms and Tips, perfect your techniques and customize your nails.

Customize Your Training

Customize your One on One training with the trainer of your choice!


  • Latest Art trends and techniques
  • Troubleshooting
  • Learn a specific application technique
  • Shapes and Filing


For all courses, please click “Book Educator” underneath the trainer of your choice.

Training cost varies per educator. For one-on-one training and/or group training, please fill out a request form to get a free quote.

International Educators


Ashley Edwards is en Vogue’s International Lead Educator. Ashley Edwards lifelong passion for nails led her to en Vogue 15 years ago. As a die-hard en Vogue enthusiast, she loves teaching others the art of sculpting the nails of their dreams.

Thru Ashley’s dedication, she has created a career of owning a salon/spa, sales and marketing, education, and is currently opening her own training facility. Whether she’s teaching at her academy or streaming worldwide, you can be assured she will be wearing her signature look of long nails and heels.

Away from the classroom, you can most likely find her with her crazy curly hair, speeding along in her Mustang, enjoying the outdoors, the family farm, flying her airplane thru the sky or with her favourite people; her husband and 3 children.


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(training in French and English)

Valerie Ducharme is an entrepreneur and an artist. Valerie opened her own Nails Academy in Canada where she shares her passion with thousands. Her mission is to constantly push to elevate standards in the beauty industry.

In 2017, she poured her heart out and created her own line of nail products and other nail art articles which brings her to take amazing trips and teach across Canada. She is now a master distributor for the En Vogue gel system in Quebec.

Valerie has won many national competitions as well as the Internationally acclaimed Next Top Nail Artist Season 5 Competition organized by Nails Magazine. Valerie is often a judge for international and national competitions and other events in the beauty industry, you might just cross her path at some event!

Valerie’s creations were seen at New York’s Fashion Week in 2018 and 2019 with the collaboration of CND World.


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Brooklyn Rushworth’s drive comes from growing up in the industry. Watching her mother blaze her own path fuels Brooklyn’s desire to be her own boss, never settling for a typical 9 to 5. She owns a bustling nail studio, while also growing her online training platform at Avant Garde Academy. She will teach you the fundamentals, and make you confident in your skill.  Brooklyn’s strength is sculpting, & efficiency in the salon she will mentor & guide you with her wisdom to lead the life you dream of with your new skill set.


Away from clients and the classroom, Brooklyn enjoys cooking, yoga, and really getting to know people, but more than anything she loves to travel. If the way of the world was different at this time you would likely find her in Europe embracing newfound company with a glass of Prosecco. “Gratitude makes you fall in love with the life you already have“.


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Mary Ellon has over 22 years of experience in the nail industry and lives on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She has owned and operated a salon for 18 years, and is currently a Master Educator of the en Vogue products and the owner of Creative Ballance Nail Supply & Education.

Her love for doing nails coupled with her passion to share her knowledge with others has lead her travel professionally working tradeshows, events and teaching classes. Mary Ellon specializes in gel application techniques.

She strives to grow her business and builds on the idea that “No matter how long you have been doing nails, if you think you know everything in this business, you’re done. Never walk away from an opportunity to learn!”


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(training in Slovenian and English)

Tamara Cvelbar is a certified Nail Master and en Vogue Master Educator for the Slovenian and Croatian regions. With her husband, she is running an exclusive distribution for en Vogue Nail Systems Inc. in Slovenia and Croatia. She has graduated from the College of Cosmetics in Slovenia, becoming a Beautician and Dermaestetic Professional. Tamara is a pedagogical andragogical mentor for cosmetic students who specialized in professional manicures. She has been attending nail seminars and professional education courses with the greatest masters of nail design – Krista Paulitti, Ralf Bartch, Sergey Lavrukhin, Dora Gyimesi, Bojana Kostka, Julijana Ružić, Marielle Pluschke, Ilona Vas, Anesa Husić, Eva Darabos, Zrinka Vuksan …


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(teaching in French and English)

Pascale Ruiz has been a nail technician for 9 years, Pascale fell in love with en Vogue and all things nails!

Pascale’s vast experience as a manager and purchaser in her previous career has made her skilled and fond of training and sharing knowledge.

Her teaching is focused on strengthening your skill level, troubleshooting, baby-boomer on forms. Her forte is teaching the transformation of very short bitten nails to beautifully sculpted nails.

Pascale loves organizing trade shows and meeting and introducing people during trade shows to her passion for great nails and great products.

Her favourite attribution is showing her students that anything is possible especially with en Vogue and with trust, when the student smiles at the end of training and is proud of herself  … it is Pascale’s reward !!


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Casey-Leigh’s interest in the beauty and nail industry started in high school.  After taking several cosmetology courses and even completing a placement in a nail salon, she was hooked!

Casey-Leigh became certified with en Vogue, her passion, drive, and determination to learn all things en Vogue led her to open her nail studio and also became an Educator. Her journey in education began teaching for distributors in Ontario. Casey-Leigh excels at instructing and connecting with her students on their level, she quickly recognizes their strengths and where they need to build on their skill level, she creates a fun, friendly environment.

You will always find her advancing her knowledge by participating in further education, she enjoys attending trade shows and staying on top of nail trends! Casey-Leigh’s biggest joy is sharing all her nail and business knowledge with new nail technicians and watching them thrive in their careers.


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(teaching in Spanish)

Julie believes that we are all naturally gifted in our own ways, and have our strengths that can stand out by extraordinary means. It’s these abilities that come from within, which resonate with us just as much the first time as the thousandth time. For Julia, that “special something” is sales and interacting with people, training and helping her students to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. That’s what drives Julia, to put in her passion, each and every day.

With more than 15 years of experience, Julia has learned quickly to detect this natural ability in her students and notice their strengths. Thanks to this, she has been able to help hundreds of them to achieve their dreams, and advance in their working life, taking them by the hand and guiding them to their professional future. It’s important to be able to guide people, but also give them the skillset to walk their own path.


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Haydynn Barteaux’s passion for nails and education began at the age of 14. Growing up watching her mother’s passion for educating with en Vogue, helped drive a fulfilling and successful career.

Attending her first trade show as an en Vogue representative in 2004, she continues to travel the globe educating and sharing her vast trove of nail knowledge. As a full-time educator for NV Academy, sharing what she’s learned, experiences she’s had, all while uplifting others to pursue their own dream, has been her dream come true. While she loves teaching all levels of education, Haydynn especially loves being part of the beginning of a nail technician’s career.

Away from the classroom, you can just as easily find Haydynn enjoying the outdoors, from gardening to horseback riding, snuggling a beloved pet, enjoying a glass of red wine, watching anime, or just listening to her favourite metal bands. “Education is my jam!”


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